Shower room doors and fencing

  • Angular shower room fencing
  • Sliding shower room fencing
 Advantages of glass shower room fencing
Simple in use – different kinds of dirt are easy to remove.
Aesthetic features – attractive appearance.
Functionality and durability. Glass is more practical and durable than plastic.
Tempered material resists mechanical exposures very well. It’s quite difficult to damage its surface or break the panel.
Hygienic features. Mold or fungi do not appear on the surface of fencing made from such material.
Various colouring of the products available:
  • gray and matt gray;
  • matt colourless;
  • bronze and matt bronze.

Each shower room partition is produced according to individual size.

Вес 50-70 кг
Вид стекла закаленное, с еврокромкой
Стекло, толщина, цвет 8 мм, прозрачное, бронзовое, серое, матовое бесцветное, матовое бронзовое, матовое серое.
Сторонность любая
Производство Россия
Поставщик OOO «АКМА»
Гарантия 2 года
Цвет фурнитуры хром