Reflective glass

Reflective glass is a kind of glass with a thin covering on one of its sides which restricts the transmission of ultraviolet radiation and heat. The intensity of reflective glass is lower than of mirror covering and doesn’t influence the transmission of natural lighting.
Reflective glass is widely used in architectural glazing.
The main advantages are:

  • protection from excessive ultraviolet radiation and greenhouse effect;
  • minimal loss of light in comparison with glass with mirror covering;
  • reduction of condensate levels;
  • attractive outer appearance of glazing.

Generally reflective glass is used as a part of double of triplex glass because its covering is easy to damage physically.

Размеры стекла 6000х3210
Стекло, толщина, цвет 2/4/6/8 мм
Поставщик «Pilkington» (Великобритания), «Guardian» (США) и «AGC» (Бельгия)