Glass units of general construction


Tempered glass is characterized by increased mechanical durability and operation safety in comparison with regular sheet glass. It is designed for safe glazing of transparent building constructions such as windows, doors, show cases etc. Tempered glass is sheet glass that was exposed to special thermic processing in order to obtain higher degree of mechanical durability and to provide a safe way of destruction.
Energy saving (low emissivity types of glass).
There are energy saving types of glass with low emissivity coatings: hard coating (k-glass) and soft coating (i-coating).
In order to provide better heat protection it is possible to fill glass units with noble gases such as argon, krypton, xenon.
In a double glass unit simultaneous using of glass with soft low emissivity coating and filling it with argon allows to increase heat protection level more than twice in comparison with a regular glass unit.
Toned (sunscreen glass).
Toned glass units are used for reducing the amount of entering sun energy and therefore protecting the room from overheating. The glass used in such units is processed at the factory. The colours available are blue, bronze, gray and green.
Mirror and semi-mirror (sun reflecting glass).
Reflective glass is used. It’s based on transparent or toned glass.
The most prominent decision in the field of sunscreen protection in glass units is using glass covered with reflecting coating.
Reflecting coating is put on the glass during the process of its production.
Its aim is to reflect both sun light and sun heat.
Practically all geometric forms of glass units are available for production.