Enamel glass

Enamel glass is a high duty tempered kind of glass, one side of which is evenly painted with baked ceramic enamel of one colour.
Enamel glass is resistant to sharp temperature drops, acidic and alkaline conditions, high humidity levels and steam exposure. Due to the enamel which is baked into the surface of the glass, it’s nearly impossible to damage or scratch. Tempered glass is extremely durable and almost doesn’t need any service. The enamel doesn’t contain any toxic elements and completely corresponds to ecological standards.
Range of use of enamel glass:
  • glazing of fronts of buildings;
  • facing of room walls, finishing of balconies;
  • creating of unique glass partitions, stairways and floors;
  • glazing of vehicles;
  • production of furniture, glass doors etc.
Enamel glass can be made in two ways:
Roller colouring
When this technology is used glass surface is exposed to complete and even colouring, enamel layer thickness is approximately 80 micron.
Silk screen printing
When this technology is used both the whole surface of the glass and certain areas can be coloured. The thickness of the paint layer is lower and is approximately 20 micron.
  • Coloured glass doesn’t show through. If the glass is expected to show through this should be agreed before the start of production.
  • Enamel glass is a tempered kind of glass which can not be processed further awfterwards (no cutting, drilling etc). That’s why enamel glassware is supplied in the form of completed ready to use items.