CRS90-Classic Railing System

CRS 90 Classic Railing System

The CRS 90 Classic Railing System is designed for interior and exterior weather exposed applications and is suitable for use in all natural environments. It’s a series of aluminum extrusions and components for constructing guards and rails for decks, balconies, stairs and other building elements. The CRS 90 may be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

The design loading conditions are: 

On Top Rail:
Concentrated load = 200 lbs any direction, any location
Uniform load = 50 plf, perpendicular to rail
On In-fill Panels:
Concentrated load = 50 psf
Uniform load = 25 psf on area of in-fill, including spaces
Wind load = 100 psf on projected surface face area Refer to IBC Section 1607.7.1

CRS90 is tested and evaluated in accordance with AC273 (June 2017), Acceptance Criteria for Handrails and Guards to meet the structural performance requirements and comply with the following building codes:

  • 2015 International Building Code®, International Code Council 
  • 2015 International Residential Code®, International Code Council


Standard colors:
Cream / RAL 1013
White / RAL 9016
Gray / RAL 7038
Beige / RAL 7006
Metallic / RAL 9006
Black/RAL 9005

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