ALT GS106 Lift and slide system

Thermal insulated lift-and-slide window and door construction ALT GS106

Thermal insulated profile system ALT GS106 is the best solution for lift-and-slide door and window construction to be used in hotels, restaurants, private apartments (houses) and cottages. Thanks to its high functionality the system provides wide range of the performance of big wall apertures.

Lift&slide constructions can be performed with 2, 3 or even 6 leafs. Moreover, sliding and fixed parts can be combined.

Thermal insulated lift & slide doors – is a new development in door manufacturing sphere. Its main purpose is not only the function of entrance, but also a possibility to replace a standard wall, as it offers high level of penetration defense. The door height can reach 2.7 meters when weight is up to 200 kg.

Lift & slide doors allow enlarging of room illumination and saving the actual living space. This window type is widely used by glazing of balcony, loggia, terrace and mansards.

ALT GS106 unique functionality helps to connect the inner room with terrace in summer, to save it warm in winter and to provide a magnificent look.

Main features of constructions, manufactured from ALT GS106 system:

  • strength;
  • long service life period;
  • corrosion, deformations and environment bad influence resistance;
  • acid, oil, gas and ultraviolet radiation endurance;
  • ecological safety;
  • fire safety;
  • possibility to manufacture constructions of any color, or color combination;
  • possibility of constructions with max. weight up to 200 kg.

ALT GS106 system is delivered with full accessories list from Giesse company.

Main principle of Giesse accessories installation is modularity. This principle gives a possibility of choosing optimal accessories for different types of constructions:

  • basic frame set;
  • basic set for sliding frame;
  • basic set for deaf frame;
  • window roller set (up to 80 kg);
  • door roller set (up to 200 kg);
  • additional articles: locks, handles and cover plate.

Construction T-REX, that is used in ALT GS106, is manufactured in accordance with developed by Giesse company and patented technology and has a possibility to withstand any bad weather conditions. In comparison with analogs ALT GS106 provides the best thermal insulated characteristics, high hermeticity rates, possibility to take away large volumes of water.

ALT GS106 system includes wide assortment of profiles, accessories and hardware, which allow manufacturing of different constructions of different configurations and for different purposes:

  • two types of frame – double-railed (img. 1) and triple-railed (img. 2) – allow choosing the best solution for any type of aperture;
  • two types of leaf help to create an elegant construction without unnecessary lines and classical construction with simple manufacturing technology (img. 3).

    New type of one-railed frame profile, designed especially for vertical frames, gives the construction esthetic look and makes it more practical. (img. 4).

In ALT GS106 system transom bar can be embedded either with or without glass bead. It allows developing new design solutions in sliding constructions.