ALT BF73 Bifold Door System

ALT BF73 Bifold Door System
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ALT BF73 – the system of bi-folding doors is a modern, exclusive solution used in both residential and commercial markets: glazed openings for terrace exit, conservatories, effective application in show rooms, conference halls, hotels etc.

ALT BF73 allows to organize not only functional glazing of the large translucent openings, but also provides an attractive exterior and serviceability.

The functionality of the system makes it possible to realize the internal or external opening, to shift up to seven sashes in one direction. In the folded position, the sashes don’t occupy much space and release a wide opening, allowing to unify several rooms or a room with a street.

Technical characteristics Performance
Acoustic performance 36 dB
Thermal insulation ranging from 1.4 ~1.7 W/ (m2K)
Air permeability Class 4
Water permeability 600 Pa
Burglar resistance PAS24
Maximum length 6500 mm
16800 mm using inline connectors
Maximum number of panels to one side seven
Meeting stile 120 mm
Maximum panel height 3000 mm
Maximum panel width 1200 mm
Maximum panel weight 120 kg
Maximum glass thickness 44 mm
Mounting frame depth 73 mm
Mounting sash depth 73 mm

Single and double door variants are available. The maximum recommended number of panels to one side is seven. This quantity is estimated on the amount of inertia needed from the user to move the panels. The possible width and height of the door always depend on the wind loads, location and user requirements. Structural glass bonding can be required.

ALT BF73 Design variants ALT BF73 Design variants

The maximum feasible configuration is 1477 (maximum frame length is 16.8 m together with the usage of joining elements):

ALT BF73 Design variants
  • The high security level is guaranteed due to the installation of the glazed units from the inside of the room

  • The system accepts double and triple glazed units with the permissible thickness from 28 mm to 44 mm.

  • U-value characteristics are ranging from 1.4 ~1.7 [W/ (m².K)] depending on the chosen sash dimensions and U-glass value.

  • Powder coating is possible in all available RAL colors.

  • The intermediate sashes are supported with latches and locks operated by low projection handles in a variety of styles.

  • Certified according to BS6375 part 1, PAS24.

  • The system is able to boast slim sightlines to allow for more vision.

  • The optional adjustable jamb can allow for an overall 8 mm tolerance during fabrication and installation.