ALT111 Interior partition system

ALT111 Interior partition wall system

ALT111 interior partition wall system is designed for arrangement of work space in trading and exhibition centers, office buildings, and offers broad opportunities to design interiors for various purposes and functions.

Preparation of profiles for assembly actually consists of only one action: the profiles shall be cut according to the required dimensions at the most “convenient” 90° angle. We can forget about various labor intensive procedures like shaping or drilling of openings. The use of conductors for a precise drilling is not required in this case as well.

The own patented design concept of AluminTechno used in ALT111 system makes the installation (and dismantling) of partition walls easier. The key moment is to fix the filling via two types of clamps: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Assembly of the partition wall framework is performed with the help of brackets. The brackets are mounting attachments and are fixed with the help of self-tapping screws, thus the necessity to do a step-by-step assembly, a drawback peculiar to the majority of systems available in the market, is completely excluded.

Purpose and Use ALT111

ALT111 system can be installed in trade centers, banks, public buildings, production and administrative premises, fitness centers, educational and scientific institutions. ALT111 system partition walls provide an inimitable company style, ensure convenient environment and favorable conditions for a fruitful work of the employees.

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The advantages of ALT111 partition wall system are:

  • aluminum, all-glass and wooden doors can be installed in one frame;

  • easy and convenient means of assembling aluminum doors with double translucent filling;

  • each filling can be installed and dismantled separately;

  • availability of leveling angle elements in frame profiles and door leaf;

  • the posts can be fixed to the floor and the ceiling with the help of jetnut elements;

  • Profile milling is required only during the installation of the door lock

The distinctive features of ALT111 partition wall system include:

  1. the filling is fixed with plastic clamps that ensure the most convenient installation and dismantling of partition walls (the innovation solution is patented);
  2. connection of post and cross-beams is done with supports and self-tapping screws, thus completely excluding step-by-step assembly;
  3. it is possible to connect the wall with a gypsum-plaster board partition;
  4. it is possible to use single or double translucent and blind filling:
    • glass 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm thick;

    • gypsum-plaster board, flakeboard, MDF, and any other materials 4 to 12.5 mm thick.

  5. it is possible to install shutters of various types from 16 to 26 mm thick;
  6. rotary profiles enable rotation angles of the structures in the range from 90° to 270°;
  7. it is possible to install single- and double-leaf doors with single or double filling;
  8. the system provides sound insulation level up to 40dB;
  9. post profile – visible width is 40 mm (partition wall height is 3.5 m with 1.2 m step between the racks);
  10. two types of plastic clamps are available: symmetrical and asymmetrical.